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The importance of a free and open Web

The Internet can be likened to a public playground. Everyone is welcome, and the more curiosity and imagination a user has, the more fun and interesting the Web experience becomes. Take the Google search engine, for example—an empty playground. With the search bar gracing the browser’s home page, millions of documents and resources are instantly [...]

Wow, Wow, Wow, World Wide Web!

And I’ve come to appreciate how much I’ve learned from all the free access. Beyond a college education it is up to me to learn and the web gives me a wealth of knowledge to invest in.

IMO the Web is Changing Language!

Since I started using the Web in the mid ’90s, it’s been a really important tool for communication. My earliest interactive experiences with the Web were in chat rooms and with AOL instant messenger. Since the ’90s, the Web has grown…a lot…and provides so many new ways for people to stay connected that it’s [...]

when OneWebDay met YouTube

One of the major benefits of the developments of the Internet is its ability to eliminate the elements of space and time in mass communications

Fraternitas Aeternus (Brothers Forever)

I’ll go ahead and say it off the bat: this is not like the other brother story. In fact, I’ve known my brother my entire life: I’ve changed his diapers, played with him in the backyard, picked on him, teased him, argued with him, congratulated him, and held him when he’s cried. But [...]

Free WiFi for ALL!

I don’t pay for internet access. I count myself among the lucky few in the nation that have a free wireless connection from the comfort of home.
If you’re having visions of me sitting at a desk or in a comfy chair, let me squash them now. My trade-off for free net access? I have to [...]

The Strength of the Web as a Medium

What is the Web good for? How is the web different from other forms of media? How is it better? How is it worse?
These are all questions that have arisen during the past 40 years as the Web has emerged to become what we know it as today. But, how does the Web affect traditional [...]

Overcoming the Digital Divide

The gap between those who have access to information technologies and those who do not is referred to as the digital divide. Our society has become so immersed and connected to the Internet, often it can appear as though the whole world is digitally connected and is on Facebook and making tweets on Twitter. The [...]

The Web for ALL – Bring the Power

The 3rd Annual One Web Day is less than two weeks away. In preparation for the event on September 22nd, I would like to share this online testimonial discussing the importance of bridging the digital divide and empowering Internet users to play a role in defining the future of this unbounded technology.
Submitted by David Hollander, [...]

OneWebDay: On Fire!

Everyone always talks about the Internet in terms of connectivity.
It gives you the power to connect to friends, family and colleagues. It blows the doors open to new experiences, linking you up to opportunities you might have never envisioned. It stands alone as one of the largest, most evolved networks of growing knowledge known to [...]