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Overcoming the Digital Divide

The gap between those who have access to information technologies and those who do not is referred to as the digital divide. Our society has become so immersed and connected to the Internet, often it can appear as though the whole world is digitally connected and is on Facebook and making tweets on Twitter. The [...]

The Web for ALL – Bring the Power

The 3rd Annual One Web Day is less than two weeks away. In preparation for the event on September 22nd, I would like to share this online testimonial discussing the importance of bridging the digital divide and empowering Internet users to play a role in defining the future of this unbounded technology.
Submitted by David Hollander, [...]

The Power of Access, Connection, Communication

Hello, Planet Earth. I mean, that is whom I’m talking to right now. I’m not talking to merely my family, friends, or just the state of North Carolina. My audience is the entire world. People will have the freedom to access this video whenever and wherever they want to. That is the power of [...]

OneWebDay: A Personal Experience

I can remember when I was little, the encyclopedia Britannica salesman came to our home and explained to my parents the reason why having this particular encyclopedia would be beneficial to my sister and I. Of course my parents purchased this excellent educational tool to further aid my curiosity and fantasy with learning.
A [...]

Born Into a Hyper Existence

The Internet is easy. It is simply the most effective way to date to obtain any information about anything. With so many different kinds of people from varying education levels and socio-economic backgrounds putting forth their insights in an ever-evolving hub, it is almost impossible not find information on something. Denying this privilege to [...]

My mother’s generation

In this story, Journalist Julie Holley writes about her mother and her favorite college professor Jean Grossholtz, and their relationship to the Internet. To round it off we hear (via video) from Prof. Grossholz herself
Jean Grossholtz belongs to my mother’s generation. My mother turned 81 on February 14; Jean will be 80 on [...]


Email, undoubtedly, has become an indispensable medium of communication. We come across some emails which are forwarded without any second thought. These mails won’t have a logical backing, nor any material evidence or accountability. Someone says something; other people believe it and forward it. Though superstition may seem a little strong word for this scenario, [...]

After 70 years, brothers find each other online

While by no means my own, here’s a charming story that I thought I’d share. Two brothers, separated as babies, got re-acquainted via email, facebook, and skype.
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My experiences – Internet and India

Working on a 2 mbps connection at home, I was thinking about MY OneWebDay, the day I dreamt of having a good bandwidth. Surprisingly that day has passed and I did not seem to notice… Confused ? Read the chronology of my experiences on the Internet and you will know
1. 1995 – My first internet [...]

a brief (news) story about the one who founded the One Web Day…

Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach have been named today as Obama-Biden FCC Transition Team Leads.
Susan Crawford, is now a professor at the University of Michigan Law School and has recently ended her term as a member of the Board of Directors of ICANN and is the founder of OneWebDay. Kevin Werbach, is an Assistant Professor [...]