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Computers, Internet and Some Old People

My home is an NRI village. Every home has 2 or more people in UK, US or Gulf. There are houses where only old parents are there. My neighbour has his 4 sons and daughter in Europe. The entire village changed when the NRI money started flowing in. And technology was the enabler.
First came the [...]

Punk, DIY culture, The Internet, & OneWebDay

A couple of years ago my friend Vivien Goldman – The Punk Professor – asked to me to talk to her class at NYU about fanzines. Back in the late 70s I ran Better Badges, making millions of punk badges, and, after acquiring printing equipment, printed and published fanzines on a walk-in basis. Now, Vivien [...]

The Contest

For a hundred days preceding One Web Day 2008 bloggers from around the world would have an unique opportunity for exposure to a global audience celebrating One Web Day which will take place globally on September 22 this year.
Here is the opportunity: Publish a story about how the web has transformed your life or the [...]

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