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Remembering “speed”s of 9600 bits while connecting today at 8,000,000 bits

Oooh the good old days! Using a modem at 9k6, 14k4, 19k2, 21k6, 24k0 and 28k8. the scratching handshake protocols of my US Robotics modems. The @#$@#$#% NO CARRIER session endings. Running a BBS on a Commodore Amiga 2000.
The first steps in public internet in 1994 onwards. Putting my BBS on the internet using telnetd.device [...]

The internet before the Web, hyperlinks, search engine or email

What is more important than when the Internet came into existence is when someone started using it enough to use it effectively.
I would like to talk about perceptions … to me, the Internet is a changing & evolving reality within a much larger computing reality which is also evolving, in which a great part [...]

Living the Internet

I first heard about the OneWebday project a few years ago and always felt too busy to contribute in any meaningful way, be it by becoming an ambassador, or by writing an actual story for the event.
Since I’ve lived the Internet (as I’d like to say) since 1988, it occurred to me that perhaps this [...]

Internet was for James Bond or Maxell Smart, Agent 86 for Control

I knew about the internet rather early on as I’d grown up with some of the pioneers in California. I don’t think the impact hit me but I remember thinking that communicating via computers seemed normal and pseudo James Bondish or Maxwell Smartish at least!
I think my first connection was working as a university instructor [...]

a four function electronic calculator that could be bartered for 300 gallons of gasoline…

I first connected to the Internet in the 1990s, and am profoundly grateful to have virtually met many excellent people whom I otherwise should never have encountered.
My professional grasp and reach have been extended by the Internet, which seems to make me a more productive employee to my principals.
The Internet also has enabled me to [...]

Internet in my education

Before knowing what internet is , the only thing I know was gaming and MS Office in computers. i used to show up at the internet cafe only for playing games in the beginning of the era “INTERNET CRAZE” Other then playing games in the cafe I don’t know anything of how to use the Internet,what is Internet, what all can be done in it.

Any thing is possible with Web World, never stop dreaming …

Internet was just mail and sensex [India's Stock Exchange Index] watch for me, before blogging. The day when I came to know that a blog is a simple thing can be made and updated by any one so easily and that too in a language, in which I love to express my creative expressions, i.e., [...]

Who knows what life would be like today without the web?

There are countless credible resources on the web. This is where my story begins. April of 2007, I started to worry about some strange bumps on the side of my neck. Being a Communications senior in my last semester at California State University, Fullerton, I didn’t have a lot of time to wait around in doctor’s offices, and go through a myriad of procedures. I decided to be proactive and figure out what was wrong with me. Through great sites such as webMD and wikipedia to name a few, I came to the conclusion that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Cancer….

A Failure that Transformed my Career

Friends from my sixty strong MBA class were slowly leaving town with job offers in hand. I would congratulate each with a big smile on face; deep down my heart, I was thinking when will I have such a news to disclose to friends.
I wasn’t as lucky unless I left Pune, the place from where [...]

My Modern Metropolis

How the web has changed my life? Where do I begin? Every night for years, the web was where I unwinded for the day, read my news, caught up on e-mails, where I threw up some pictures on Facebook, reconnecting with old friends. I started to notice that I would get sucked [...]