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Who was to have been George Orwell’s Big Brother – Breznev or Mao?

My first encounter with the web occurred in 1978. (Yes, I know there was no web at the time. And I can’t point to a BBS or other near-involvement; indeed, I’d never touched a keyboard, couldn’t even type. My OneWebDay story, actually 3 of them, is about the ways interactive technologies – the broader web [...]

Web’s oldest bloggers: Olive Riley and Ruth Hamilton

Riley was born in 1899 and would have turned 109 on October 20. She took up blogging at the suggestion of Mike Rubbo, who filmed a documentary on her life four years ago.
“First of all, I had to explain to her what a blog was and that took some doing,” Rubbo said. “Then I got [...]

My OneWebDay story

My name is Susan Crawford, and I’m here to contribute a OneWebDay story.
My sense is that all the hyperbole about the Internet – transformative! world-changing! – doesn’t actually capture its impact, because we’re living through the change. It has been a very interesting time to be alive, in my view, and I’m particularly glad that [...]

Broadband Internet reduces Molecular Biology Research time from 5 months to less than a week

The Internet has changed the way I work in many ways. So, as I began to collect my thoughts, I realised I have more than one example to present my case.
In the laboratory
In a typical molecular biology lab where I work, routine experiments involve cloning, sequencing; homology search with other reported sequences, characterization of DNA [...]

Before the Internet, Instant Messenger, Blogs and Search Engines

“So more important than when the Internet came into existence is when someone started using it enough to use it effectively.” — Al Macintyre
I first used the internet in the 90s, but it wasn’t until after 2001 that I began using it in a way that was meaningful. Before the internet, I did my [...]

from a farmhouse in the Italian countryside to Buckingham Palace

I moved to Italy in 1994 and I just about made a living teaching and training teachers. Quite hard in a rural community. I’d heard about the internet and dreamed of being on it and what it could do for me. A book contract in 2000 meant I had to get online fast – oh, [...]

Paper forms to PDFs to Online forms

The biggest difference that I see is the ability to store and to access information.My applications for grad school come to mind. I still remember having to type my forms and use white out! The part I hated was repeating the same information – address, telephone number, name, social security number – over and [...]

Using Internet for latest news- A decade ago

The year was 1998-99. I was studying in Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya (JNV) Udupi district, Karnataka. It was a residential school. Everyday morning the school would assemble before the classes would start and one of the rituals performed during the same was to read the news headlines. Everyday a designated person had to collect news headlines [...]

Eight Hundred and Twenty Pounds Sterling to transmit 640 MB

I remember vividly having this idea that I could use quaternions for fast 3D maths calculations when working on FOFT back in the 80’s.
The only way I could get any information on the subject was to contact the local university and talk to one of the math professors. He didn’t have much, but he [...]