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Electronic Family Ties: Why the Internet is important in my life

My older brother and I have always been close.  We attended the same elementary school, high school and university; we spent years bailing each other out of trouble, sharing rides, advice and friends.  He was always around to help me with problems or initiate wild adventures.  After graduation he moved to Wyoming, leaving me in [...]

One Web Day, Google and Grandfather

That whole Google thing is incredible!” These were direct words from my 81-year-old grandfather.  His generation had to actually spend hours in the campus library, pouring over book after book to find research for that mid-term paper.  Now we can just “Google” it.
While it may be that my generation takes the Internet for granted a [...]

“How did the web change your life?”

Web penetration in Brazilian population is still considerably low (22.4%), even with the significant increase since 2003 (10%).

Video title: “How did the web change your life?”
Author: Elisa Gandour
Duration: 3:23
Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brazil
Language: Portuguese
“Marina, how did the web change your life?”
“I found my first boyfriend through the web, as well as my first good student [...]

What has a “really stupid” name and gets a B+ or A- Grade?

On February 7, 1958, in response to the launch of Sputnik, the US Department of Defense established the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Several years later ARPA began to focus on computer networking and communications technology. UCLA proposed to DARPA to organize and run a Network Measurement Center for the ARPANET project.

Around Labor Day in [...]

One Web for Days of Independence

When I first saw the worldwide web in a university computer lab, I knew it would change everything but had no idea that it could help people take specific actions to manage politicians and government employees. That’s not surprising. Most of us still don’t know how close we are to that goal.
I started blogging because [...]

Internet: We are the Internet (A Internet: uma questão de pronome)

(for the Portuguese version of this Story, please scroll down)
The Internet is a constantly changing and thought-provoking entity. An age-old question, which is both archetypal and arrogant, yet at the same time quite poignant is: Who are we? But can you believe that the Internet has been helping us to unravel this mystery.
Before its development, [...]

Story of a browser evolving in tune with the evolution of the Web.

People are watching and uploading videos, music, chatting with each other, playing web based games. The web wasn’t like that when it all started and all these did not exist when the first browsers were created.

Early web pages were hypertext pages, pictures were possible but beyond that the early web pages was nowhere near the [...]