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Love Connections Inspire on One Web Day

Tweet I have found “the one.” The only things separating us from a life of bliss are nine hours, 529 miles, five states and two full tanks of gas… all on a college student’s budget. Without an online connection to the Internet, our connection to each other for the next two years that I’m away […]

Serving into the Net

Tweet On July 25, 2008, Google search discovered 1 trillion unique URLs or web addresses. It is remarkable when you stop to consider the vastness of the Internet and how it is still continuing to grow. It links people worldwide and allows for the sharing of news and opinions. As a college student, I certainly […]

The Era of the Internet

Tweet A few years ago, right after the Internet really took off, my cleaning lady Jeane was planning an excursion with her family to Walt Disney Word. Jeane, who had been coming to my house since before I was born, had been saving her money for several years specifically for this trip. Her husband had […]

Internet as a portal to the past

Tweet My mother graduated from Irvington High School in 1971. At this time, there was no Facebook, MySpace or She kept in touch with friends by calling or writing them. She was skeptical of the Internet when it first came out. My mother continued to call and write her former classmates. She waited until […]

The world’s greatest personal Assistant

Tweet Spending a semester abroad, studying in Copenhagen, Denmark, and traveling Europe by myself, for the first time, could have been completely overwhelming. Could have been, but wasn’t. I brought along my trusty companion: my laptop. Equipped with an Internet connection, I knew it could do practically anything. Research assistant. Collaboration manager. Submissions service. Regardless […]

In Commemoration of OneWebDay

Tweet Four years of college simply does not allow enough time to research the variety of subjects that interest me. Had I the time, I would probably take classes in every discipline. Unfortunately, we have to pick a focus. This was difficult for me, and even as a junior I question if I’ve made the […]

Window from Google

Tweet Congratulations to celebrants of OneWebDay! Depending on how you count, Internet has been around operationally since at least January 1983 and for Bob Kahn since early 1973 and for me a bit later when he asked me to help figure out what open networking might look like. September is a significant month for the […]

OneWebDay Goes Beyond the Oregon Trail

Tweet When the Internet became of age in 1993 I was sitting in my elementary school computer lab smashing the keys on a first generation Apple 2E. Back then, I just thought a computer was a large beige box that occasionally allowed me to play my favorite Atari port like Frogger or Oregon Trail. Little […]