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My mother’s generation

In this story, Journalist Julie Holley writes about her mother and her favorite college professor Jean Grossholtz, and their relationship to the Internet. To round it off we hear (via video) from Prof. Grossholz herself
Jean Grossholtz belongs to my mother’s generation. My mother turned 81 on February 14; Jean will be 80 on [...]


Email, undoubtedly, has become an indispensable medium of communication. We come across some emails which are forwarded without any second thought. These mails won’t have a logical backing, nor any material evidence or accountability. Someone says something; other people believe it and forward it. Though superstition may seem a little strong word for this scenario, [...]

After 70 years, brothers find each other online

While by no means my own, here’s a charming story that I thought I’d share. Two brothers, separated as babies, got re-acquainted via email, facebook, and skype.
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