Any thing is possible with Web World, never stop dreaming …

by sajeev sarathie

Internet was just mail and sensex [India's Stock Exchange Index] watch for me, before blogging. The day when I came to know that a blog is a simple thing can be made and updated by any one so easily and that too in a language, in which I love to express my creative expressions, i.e., in Hindi, that day was really a turning point in my life, I used to write poems, songs and scripts in my dairies, which was very private thing for me. Soon I opened a blog for my poetry and I was surprised to see the responses, and I started taking myself serious as poet and song writer, since I write in Hindi, one of the major site work for the upliftment of the language called ( basically a community blog ) approached me, I too was thrilled to see so many youngsters working together to realize a very “difficult to achieve” dream with a “ can do…must do “ attitude, I had some suggestions for the site, and to discuss on them Hind Yugm, which was till then just had a virtual connection between its members, called its first ever national meet in Delhi, that meet made our bond more stronger, and we all set to rock the nation with our creative ideas.

In Oct 2007 while roaming through some communities in orkut I found one Rishi S a software engineer, by profession who has a passion for making music, I interact with him and asked him to compose a few line song which I wrote, and when he did that, we search and found a singer called Subodh Sathe, and asked him to sing for us, he readily agreed and this is how we made our first online song called “subaha kii tazagii”

(, where I wrote the song sitting in New Delhi, composed in Hyderabad and sung in Nagpur, and the interesting thing is that we still not met each other in person although we made many more songs after that, I fact I found some more really talented composers and singers from all parts of the country and with the same distant internet jamming process, we made an whole album called “pahla sur “ ( ) and got tremendous response, from the people when we released it at International Book Fair,2008 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The media was surprised to see our achievement ( )

A new series of music is presently running at Hind Yugm, and i am happy to see, songs of my dreams became real with this internet blogging revolution. Now Hind Yugm is a big Hindi web site, covering 104 countries, and having more than one lac 30 thousand, readers every month, today I am happy, as internet made me creatively satisfied.

Today I have more friends on internet than in real world, today internet is the world for me….and I know this is just a beginning as many “seems to be impossible” dreams are still to achieve…so keep blogging guys, it’s the future, May God Bless the Bloggers and the Blogging.

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