Before the Internet, Instant Messenger, Blogs and Search Engines

by shiva

“So more important than when the Internet came into existence is when someone started using it enough to use it effectively.” — Al Macintyre

research with Britanica

research with Britanica

I first used the internet in the 90s, but it wasn’t until after 2001 that I began using it in a way that was meaningful. Before the internet, I did my research at community libraries with outdated books and referred to my volumes of Britannica.

Before instant messaging became popular, I rode my bike to see friends in the neighbourhood and spoke to them over the (cord) phone.

Before blogging, letters handwritten in secret codes were exchanged at school and emotions were scribbled into a diary.

Before search engines, I pressed my ear against the speaker and repeated my favourite songs over and over so I could write down the lyrics.

The internet has significantly influenced my way of life, my values, and my activities including the way I research, the way I interact with friends and colleagues, the way I source entertainment, etc.

Elly Hart, Journalist and Copy Writer, from Sydney, Australia (Producer/Writer at Audaz Industries)

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