Internet in my education

by prabhu
a computer lab in SOME OTHER COLLEGE that is UNRELATED to this story.

a computer lab in SOME OTHER COLLEGE that is UNRELATED to this story.

Internet – interconnection of networks. the very second after hearing the word internet we will be reminded of chat and surfing through the websites. Through the Internet people can make introductions with unknown person avoid getting to know about each other & learn new things through websites.

Before knowing what internet is , the only thing I know was gaming and MS Office in computers. i used to show up at the internet cafe only for playing games in the beginning of the era “INTERNET CRAZE” Other then playing games in the cafe I don’t know anything of how to use the Internet,what is Internet, what all can be done in it.

After when i learnt that is Internet , the first thing i knew was YAHOO. I use this only for mailing,only later i know yahoo is also a search engine. If something has to be searched in the Internet before me knowing what is a search engine , I used to search for the websites in the magazines and then browse in it to gather info about it.

And after that when i came to know what Google is , I used to search for information only in the Google search engine. Even Google was known to me only when it started gaining popularity. Then i just use internet for knowing more about entertainment (ie) about new movie release and sort of.

Until now the only thing I know about Internet is how to surf through websites , chatting & mailing. I feel I had gained absolutely nothing out of using the internet To be frank , the only difference before and after me knowing what exactly Internet is [that now] I know to use it.

Gained nothing out of using internet al these years.No useful jobs i had done in it , only to pss out time i used to log on the net.


(I am publishing this story as posted by Prabhu, who happens to be my nephew. He is from a locally popular Institute of Engineering, in his third year as a student of Information Technology. There are about 2000 students in this institution in courses ranging from Information Technology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication and Electronics&Electrical Engineering. In the entire campus there are three or four “Labs” each with 40 or 50 computers, some with LCD monitors and others with CRT monitors. These “Labs” are subject oriented such as a “Database Labs” or “Operating System Labs” and these computers are not connected to the Internet. There is slow speed Internet in the campus with a total of 20 computers of configuration Pentium III, desktops bought in the 90s, all with CRT monitors. Twenty computers, open for access only for two hours each day, between 5 and 7 pm, “shared” by nearly a thousand hostel students as most day students leave by 4 pm. The nearest ‘webcafe’ (web cafe is rather an elitist term that wouldn’t fit the type of ‘browsing cneters’ , especially in smaller towns and villages) is in the small town 7 kilometers away.

No wonder his exposure to the Internet is limited and he feels that he hasn’t learnt anything from the Internet. He came to visit me yesteday, I spent a few hours teaching him how to spend time productively on the Internet and took him to Wikipedia, Face Book, Online Tutorials, You Tube and showed him all that he could learn from the Internet. I told him to buy a computer immediately.

While we have institutions in India such as the Indian Institute of Technology where the facilities and quality of education match if not surpass the standards of some of the most renowned institutions in the world, this story truly reflects on the Internet access facilities and the attitude of the authorities in several schools / colleges across India.

What is pathetic is that those who teach him are grossly inadequate.

Sivasubramanian Muthusamy

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