Story of a browser evolving in tune with the evolution of the Web.

by shiva

People are watching and uploading videos, music, chatting with each other, playing web based games. The web wasn’t like that when it all started and all these did not exist when the first browsers were created.

Early web pages were hypertext pages, pictures were possible but beyond that the early web pages was nowhere near the web pages as they are today – pages that have embedded video, audio, web applications, gadgets, intelligent forms, blogs, RSS feeds, Internet Radio and an endless list of innovations.

The browsers we have today are all browsers that were largely designed for the first generation web pages, improved with features as the web became richer.

Google has taken a re-look and decided that an all new browser needed to built from scratch.

The story of this browser as a Corporate initiative ( Open Source, but still Google happens to be a Corporation ) is still deemed appropriate and neutral as a One Web Day story as it is considered an important milestone in the evolution of the web. The story of this browser is easily readable in a comic representation of key engineering decisions.

News compiled as a Story by Sivasubramanian Muthusamy for One Web Day Stories, for which the idea came from reading a Business Standard column by Kiruba Shankar

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