“How did the web change your life?”

by elisacg

Web penetration in Brazilian population is still considerably low (22.4%), even with the significant increase since 2003 (10%).

Video title: “How did the web change your life?”
Author: Elisa Gandour
Duration: 3:23
Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brazil
Language: Portuguese


“Marina, how did the web change your life?”
“I found my first boyfriend through the web, as well as my first good student job. So I think the web changed my life in various ways. I keep in touch with a great part of my friends using the web and… I do everything on the web – well, almost everything!”

— xx —

“Wow, with the web I have orkut, MSN, I can meet a lot of new people. The question is if I can search for everything I need in it.”

— xx —

“The good part about the web is that we can get to know a lot of things and everything we need, we search on the web, there’s always a solution.”

— xx —

“The web changed my life because it’s very nice to have the world in your hands, everything right in front of me without having to move. That’s awesome!”

— xx —

“Well, the web didn’t only change my life, but everyone’s as well… in the world, right? Nowadays, you do things from home that you couldn’t do before. For example, paying bills, shopping…”
“Getting a ticket for driving and being interviewed…”
“And some other things…”
“The ticket will be sent through the web…”
“Yeah, there’s that… Everything now involves the web.”

— xx —

“It changed not only my life but everyone else’s, both sides, everyone’s using it. It’s better to find a job and everything.”

— xx —

“Well, to be honest, the web didn’t change my life. Just a bit at work, because it made communication between people easier and faster… But that’s it.”

— xx —

“I’m not into the web that much.”
“Any particular reason?”
“Lack of time, because I work a lot and I party a lot as well, so I don’t have time to be around computers and the web.”

— xx —

(confused dialogue)

“Did the web change your life?”

“What do you do?”
“I sell cookies; I’m a camelô (street seller).”
“Have you thought about selling it on the web?”
“Sure! Just ask for it and we’ll send it.”
“And what else did the web do for you?”
“Well… That’s it.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”

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  1. Well done, Elisa & Co!
    Tomorrow (Sep 22) if I get to interview and record some teenagers on this topic I will try and send it to you. But there is one thing: as I am their teacher at a municipal school, I can only make the recording available if their parents allow me to do so.

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