In Commemoration of OneWebDay

by shiva

Four years of college simply does not allow enough time to research the variety of subjects that interest me. Had I the time, I would probably take classes in every discipline. Unfortunately, we have to pick a focus. This was difficult for me, and even as a junior I question if I’ve made the right decision by dedicating my time to the study of journalism. While journalism is my major, I’ve chosen to minor in both French and creative writing, though I doubt that double minors are common.

The Internet is a tool I use constantly for the purposes of entertainment, communication and education. Since coming to college, I’ve taken advantage of the access I have to databases of journal articles and online books. Most recently, I’ve been studying the science of linguistics in my spare time. While Elon University’s library has books on the subject, it’s much more convenient for me to use the Internet for study. I can access hundreds of scientific articles and reports via online databases while I’m sitting in my bedroom. I may never have the opportunity to take the linguistics class that Elon offers, but because I have so much access to information on the Internet, I feel less like I’m missing out.

Story by Rebecca Wetherbee of Elon School of Communications

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