Serving into the Net

by shiva

On July 25, 2008, Google search discovered 1 trillion unique URLs or web addresses.

It is remarkable when you stop to consider the vastness of the Internet and how it is still continuing to grow. It links people worldwide and allows for the sharing of news and opinions. As a college student, I certainly use the internet for research but how else do I utilize this wealth of information? This is an example of a typical day for me as it relates to the internet.

9:30 am- Wake up, roll over to computer to check the local weather and my email.
10:30 am- Walk to class a few minutes early so I can browse news and sports sites. Check my email.
10:55 am- Check my online blog that I’m keeping for class. Update the site with new material.
11:30 am- Search my online college site for special events and functions.
12:30 pm- “Surf” the internet for about an hour looking at Facebook, Wikipedia, Collegehumor and various sports sites. Check email.
3:30 pm- Visit MapQuest for directions to bank in Greensboro. Simultaneously check the bank’s site to check my current balance.
5:15 pm- Find local TV listings on the net to determine if there is anything worth watching tonight.
5:30 pm- Check local weather for tonight as well as email.
6:30 pm- Use internet for homework. Online time could be as long as several hours.
9:45 pm- Search local movie theater show times for the weekend.
10:15 pm- Browse Facebook a final time. Check email for the night.

The internet makes us capable of doing just about anything. From financial trading to Christmas shopping, the internet has changed the way I function as a person. So what would happen if the internet suddenly disappeared? What would I do if such a disaster ever occurred? First thing is I would try to log on and search to see what was going on.

Daniel Temple of the Elon School of Communications

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