Love Connections Inspire on One Web Day

by shiva

I have found “the one.” The only things separating us from a life of bliss are nine hours, 529 miles, five states and two full tanks of gas… all on a college student’s budget. Without an online connection to the Internet, our connection to each other for the next two years that I’m away at school would be on the line.

Of course we send each other emails, pictures and videos to share our experiences, but the Internet provides so much more for nurturing our unconventional relationship.

As an actor working in New York, he can send me the link to see his role in a new music video; we can vote for the video on a music countdown site and then buy the single off iTunes. Meanwhile I, in North Carolina, can send him links to the videos I create for my journalism classes, keep him updated on my working blog and buy my plane ticket home to see him, all conveniently online.

Also, the Internet helps cut the cost of a long distance relationship. Though we don’t spend money on dates, my phone bills for the first few months I was away made my mom and dad cry. The Internet has helped us connect during the day through email, and then we can use the phone at night when we both have free minutes.

People tend to view the Internet as an organizational tool; as something that can speed up our already busy lives, but I see it quite differently. For me, it is more personal, and instead I can slow down, relax and connect with the one I love through an email with, “Baaaaaaabbeee! I miss you!” written on the subject line.

Meredith Larkin of the Elon School of Communications

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