The Contest

by shiva

For a hundred days preceding One Web Day 2008 bloggers from around the world would have an unique opportunity for exposure to a global audience celebrating One Web Day which will take place globally on September 22 this year.

Here is the opportunity: Publish a story about how the web has transformed your life or the lives of a community you belong to, or the city you live in or your country. The story needs to be factual but you have a choice to be businesslike, narrative or even poetic. The stories can be reflections of how the web has transformed people’s lives, in the individual, political, economic, cultural and spiritual sphere.

Make it as readable as possible by including pictures ( original photographs or permitted photos from the Web ), may be even video and music.

One hundred stories are to be chosen from among the entries invited globally. Each of the hundred entries will be featured on the One Web Day portal as the Story of the Day and ten out of the 100 entries will be chosen for interesting prizes along with a Certificate of Appreciation. The best of the 100 will be featured on the One Web Day on September 22 and will get the One Web Day Journal Award.

To participate, register by 1) create your username and 2) confirm email address ( as easy as 1,2,3 .. and it is not even three steps ) and post your story.

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