Internet celebrates 40th birthday: but what date should we be marking?

by shiva
Internet's Birth Day

Internet's Birth Day

The internet celebrates its birthday today, September 2, with 40 years having passed since the first successful transfer of data between two computers.

The midwives for the modern era of communication were scientists at the University of Los Angeles in California (UCLA), who connected the neighbouring machines with a 15ft grey cable.

The data these early computers exchanged was tiny and meaningless – merely a test message – but it prepared the ground for the inter-university network ARPANET that eventually grew into the internet that is now so indispensable.

But with many vital breakthroughs along the way and several candidates for the title of “inventor of the internet”, there is dispute and uncertainty over whether September 2 is indeed the most appropriate anniversary.

Read more about Internet’s Birthday in the article by Mathew Moore at the Telegraph

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  1. The Internet isn’t 40; it’s a bit over 26.

    The modern Internet started with the switchover of the ARPANET and related research networks to TCP/IP in 1983.

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