Born Into a Hyper Existence

by shiva

The Internet is easy. It is simply the most effective way to date to obtain any information about anything. With so many different kinds of people from varying education levels and socio-economic backgrounds putting forth their insights in an ever-evolving hub, it is almost impossible not find information on something. Denying this privilege to people in this day and age is simply wrong. We as humans are evolving technologically faster than ever, with new generations of Internet users almost born into a so-called hyper existence. Censoring a means to learn and understand the world hinders a natural evolution, even if it is not a biological one. Some say that computing will become ubiquitous, and who knows, one day surfing could be a biological function, but that’s for another discussion.

A free and open Internet allows thoughts to flow furiously, allowing those who seek information to see different sides of certain issues. When someone can see both sides of a statement, or an argument, their own opinion can grow stronger. I believe that there is a direct correlation between certain countries’ governments that are unwilling to cooperate in a global society and the issue of censored and monitored mass communication. We see this with the present-day Iran. We also see certain individuals and groups of peoples in countries with censored mass communications attempting to break out and expose the Internet for what it is. They are doing so with tools and information actually gained through interactive communication on the web itself.

Although based on the assumption that the Internet will always evolve and contrast the humor and entertainment elements that it is flooded with, with educational information, I think that in the future we will heavily depend on the Web to form ideas and make critical decisions. If these means are not available freely to all, then we are just perpetuating an elitist world based on technology and further stretching the gap between a so called “Us” and “Them.” With the help of developers and futures-thinking governments we can make sure that this gap can close and we can all be on the same page. Or Web page.

Submitted by Alex Traboulsi, a student in Elon University’s Interactive Media Master’s Program.

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