OneWebDay: On Fire!

by shiva

Everyone always talks about the Internet in terms of connectivity.


It gives you the power to connect to friends, family and colleagues. It blows the doors open to new experiences, linking you up to opportunities you might have never envisioned. It stands alone as one of the largest, most evolved networks of growing knowledge known to mankind.

But forget about the whole idea of being connected.

It means nothing.

Unless you know what the Internet is.

It is:

- an inspiring video on how to achieve your childhood dreams.
- a trailer to a movie that makes you laugh every time you see it.
- a gateway to extraordinary music.
- a place to go for stories.
- a place to learn about heroes.

You’ve probably noticed by now that those links lead to people, places and things that mean something to me. They may not ever have an impact on your life.

But you now know me better, thanks to the Internet.

Yes, those links could change tomorrow. That’s the beauty of the Internet. It’s a mirror that reflects the world – every day.

You can be anyone on the Internet.

Lifesaver. Gift Giver. World-Changer. The list goes on.

Sure, these guises can be mistruths and aliases built toward deception. Any invention, has its positives and negatives.

However, I believe the Internet’s greatest potential lies within its ability to help people discover themselves and communicate their gifts to the world. And sometimes people will listen and embrace those gifts.

The Internet and interactive media let you reach out to a large audience and infuse them with what excites you. I equate it to starting a fire.

What can you offer that truly the captures attention of others – something that really catches fire and connects with people?

Yeah, so I lied.

Being connected does mean something.

It means knowing each other. And that means the ideas, videos, designs, writings and other concepts that truly catch fire on the Internet are from YOU. The real you.

So who are you?

Submitted by Dave Kennedy, a student in Elon University’s Interactive Media Master’s Program.

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