The Power of Access, Connection, Communication

by shiva

Hello, Planet Earth. I mean, that is whom I’m talking to right now. I’m not talking to merely my family, friends, or just the state of North Carolina. My audience is the entire world. People will have the freedom to access this video whenever and wherever they want to. That is the power of the Internet.

This power can impact places, events, and people on so many levels. For instance, look at the positive role the Internet played in the recent Iranian elections and riots. The use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook allowed messages to flow freely out of Iran and tell the story of a dysfunctional, oppressive regime.

People can be transformed into universal stars by using the Internet. Just look at Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent. Viral videos of her singing spread like wild fire across the Internet. She wouldn’t be the same global celebrity if she were just handing out her CD on the corner of 3rd and 14th street. The Internet allows you to openly project your ideas and to connect to each and every corner of the globe.

So where does this power come from? The power of the Internet comes from its users and its accessibility. Without the Internet’s freedom, the flow of people’s ideas would not be as rapid or progressive.

Everyone has a voice on the Internet, and no one voice is stronger than the other.

The use and impact of this power is up to you. It is your Internet.

Until next time, Planet Earth!
Submitted by Matt Hunter, a student in Elon University’s Interactive Media Master’s Program.

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