OneWebDay: A Personal Experience

by shiva

I can remember when I was little, the encyclopedia Britannica salesman came to our home and explained to my parents the reason why having this particular encyclopedia would be beneficial to my sister and I. Of course my parents purchased this excellent educational tool to further aid my curiosity and fantasy with learning.

A couple of years had passed and a new technology allowed research to be available at my finger tips. What is this phenomenon? The Internet, which introduced me to society and affected me in numerous ways.

So in the beginning, for me, the Internet was for research to look up the subjects and topics that I once used the encyclopedia for, but now it expands so significantly further in my everyday life. So greatly that I created a …

Top 10 Reasons of why I use the Internet:

1) Accessibility of Information – to search for all kinds of information on things I always want to know, search on someone, and search for trends such as fashion, music, and technology.

2) E-mail – allows me to electronically send mail to family, friends, coworkers, potential employers and clients. This Web tool has cut down on postage costs greatly.

3) Instant Messaging (IM) – This creation changed my world in college…real-time communications. I can recall my first year in undergraduate school in 2001 and when I walked by the dorms all you would hear was “bling” sound of IM. It really helped when I needed an instant response.

4) Social Networking sites – Okay, so everyone knows about Facebook, and I hate to beat a dead horse, but Facebook was the first social networking site that I took an active interest in on a daily basis. I know I used other social networking sites such as Blackplanet, but other ones don’t even exist anymore.



7) Twitter – I’m the new kid on the block when it comes to blogging and microblogging. This is a new web tool I’m using to share information over the Web. Since, I’m in the new Interactive Media master’s program at Elon University, I trying to brand myself by using these web tools. I didn’t think I would like it but I starting to enjoy it. Especially when I’m followed by someone in the media industry…I feel important.

8) Convenience – I can access the Internet almost anywhere I go, from home, at the coffee shops, on my iPhone. Also, another convenience factor to me is shopping online.

9) Stay connected – with family, friends, and professionals contacts – a great tool for networking.

10) Interactivity – I am able to not only receive messages as in the traditional forms of media communication but now I can respond back to the messengers.

These are my Top 10 of why I use the Internet, please share some of your reasons!

Submitted by Kenya Ford, a student in Elon University’s Interactive Media Master’s Program.

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