Wow, Wow, Wow, World Wide Web!

by shiva

Everyone has the opportunity to go on the World Wide Web, therefore the world is your audience. The web is a discussion setting where I can get feedback with multiple opinions. I can post my latest research paper in the morning, get edits from my Dad away on his business trip, and have it ready just in time for class.

Only on the web can we find copious amounts of information all at the click of a mouse. Did you know Mark Twain was born and died when Haley’s comet was visible from Earth? 75 years apart?

With the Internet I can find crazy degrees of relationships beyond the degrees of Kevin Bacon—I can easily find my cousin’s bosses’ sister to help me land a job, all through social networking. Whether I get that job. . . well, that still depends on me. On the World Wide Web anyone can say anything somewhere. Bam! It’s an open forum, a place to discuss and debate without a middleman to mediate. In the words of a great educator, “I ain’t got no money” so if the web is free that’s one more good thing for me.

And I’ve come to appreciate how much I’ve learned from all the free access. Beyond a college education it is up to me to learn and the web gives me a wealth of knowledge to invest in. Updates on social networks and chats keeps me informed on my friends’ lives, making it easier to keep in touch.

The World Wide Web gives a voice to those who normally find themselves silenced. Within minutes I can make millions of impressions on what I care about, such as saving the manatees and what others need to know. What do others need to know? To save them, obviously. Stop riding around in your stupid speedboat! Duh.

Broadcasting myself and causes online can inspire others to make a change and offer support. I can define my identity by sharing my favorite movies and music online. ::DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT PIRATING::

And the best thing is the web is constantly evolving and so are we. Something’s gotta keep up.

Submitted by Colleen Callahan and Megan Lee, students in Elon University’s Interactive Media Master’s Program.

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