For Love of the Internet

by apetitt

Being the daughter of the only people STILL USING DIALUP today, it’s quite a feat that I was able to not only catch up with the rest of society in terms of the Internet, but now I am surging ahead. Should I be worried about them finding this video? TRUST ME, they will never find it. But I guess that’s just a testament to how the times have changed since ‘they were our age’.

In my opinion, this is the time of year that I appreciate having access to the Internet the most. And what time is that?? FOOTBALL SEASON!

Without needing a television to watch games, or a phone to call and ask friends for score updates, with the Internet, and the Internet alone, I can SIMULTANEOUSLY watch live feed of an NFL game in Texas, a college football game in Orlando, listen to audio commentary from Jim Rome in California, record my best rendition of the Eagles fight song in North Carolina and email it to my Giants friends in New York, find out who won the first Superbowl, trade out players on my fantasy football team, buy a new jersey, blog about why I think the Phillies are going to win another World Series, upload pictures from the tailgate last night, watch the game winning touchdown from last week 20 times in a row on YouTube, then paste the link on Twitter for everyone else to see, and plan my trip to the next game. All of that, without ever having to get up from my chair!

The point is that the Internet connects us to everyone and everything in the world, in a second. It allows us instantaneous access to videos, music, and information. Can you imagine life WITHOUT the Internet? I can’t either, and that proves the power and value it brings to our lives.

Who knows how the Internet will evolve in the future, or if it will even exist as we know it. I’m pretty confident that someday my kids will be making movies saying “I can’t believe my my mom STILL uses the INTERNET!”

Story by apetitt1

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