My Modern Metropolis

by aliceyoo

How the web has changed my life? Where do I begin? Every night for years, the web was where I unwinded for the day, read my news, caught up on e-mails, where I threw up some pictures on Facebook, reconnecting with old friends. I started to notice that I would get sucked into these social network sites, I was a part of most of them.

So instead of spending all of my time on them, I decided to start my own. It’s called My Modern Metropolis, an invite-only social network about sharing modern day experiences – upcoming events, great restaurants, stylish hotels and good music. It was created out of a need to have a medium where good content and social exchange were at the forefront of a social network. A place where people could trust each other, a place that provided value and enriched our lives.

And it has. We have about 210 members now – doctors, lawyers, engineers, art directors, photographers, entrepreneurs – who are all sharing about things that inspire them. Our open forum and blog area is where we talk about everything from new and breaking products (Apple 3G’s debut) to how we can all be more green.

More than anything, this venture has given me a sense of self confidence and reassurance. Not only does it take courage and hard work to put up a blog or social network, it takes trust in yourself. That is the ultimate gift the web has given me.

The web has changed our lives far more than people now realize or are willing to admit. I have these kinds of conversations with my friends and husband all the time. Where were we before Yelp, that helped us find the the best hole-in-the-wall in town, thereby not only satisfying us with a delicious meal but giving that small business owner a new and dedicated following? Companies are starting to find out that transparency, authenticity, and that being relevant to their consumers will help them be more effective in reaching their target audience. These new words that seemingly everyone is now using, at the core, just means that companies need to start caring, opening up, listening to their consumers rather than shutting them out or ignoring their needs.

All around me I see the web making changes in peoples lives. The Met has given me a window into looking into my friends lives and not only do I have a greater appreciation for them now, because of their willingness to share and be open, I also have an admiration and an understanding that’s far deeper than I could have ever imagined.

My sister found her spouse on Yahoo Personals, I’m sure there are countless stories like that. My brother has gotten jobs off the web as thousands or millions now have. Personally, the web has done so much for me. It has restored my faith in people. It has given me an avenue to make a huge impact on people’s lives. It has opened up a possibility of dreams I once thought I could never have imagined.

Alice Yoo, My Modern Metropolis Founder and CEO – &

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