Remembering “speed”s of 9600 bits while connecting today at 8,000,000 bits

by shiva
Commodore Amiga 2000

Commodore Amiga 2000

Oooh the good old days! Using a modem at 9k6, 14k4, 19k2, 21k6, 24k0 and 28k8. the scratching handshake protocols of my US Robotics modems. The @#$@#$#% NO CARRIER session endings. Running a BBS on a Commodore Amiga 2000.

The first steps in public internet in 1994 onwards. Putting my BBS on the internet using telnetd.device on the Amiga early 1996 and publishing the telnet address on IRC. Paying lots of money to connect per hour. Unbelievable phone bills.

Napster corporate logo

Napster corporate logo

Using dual-channel ISDN (128kbit) in 1999 for Napster MP3’s. Connecting through a shared corporate Internet 2mbit pipe in 2000 to grab movies from IRC. With 700 other users on there at the same time.

Fast forward today, working online 2 days a week minimum (at least) from home, connecting with a VPN through my 8mbit ADSL connection to work, using softphone and UC functionalities.

I tell you – this all would have been unbelievable 10 years ago. The advances made during these years are truly amazing, and no-one out there has predicted what would happen. It only makes me curious to the next 10 years to see what goodness is coming next!!

Three cheers for technology! ;-)

Story by John den Hartog, Project Manager at AT&T Utrecht Area, Netherlands

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