A Failure that Transformed my Career

by rahi.vidya

Friends from my sixty strong MBA class were slowly leaving town with job offers in hand. I would congratulate each with a big smile on face; deep down my heart, I was thinking when will I have such a news to disclose to friends.

I wasn’t as lucky unless I left Pune, the place from where I completed my MBA. Helplessly, I came back to Delhi. Grass appears greener on the other side of the fence. Delhi too had little to offer a fresh MBA from a lesser known institute in Pune.

Sitting unoccupied is one of the most difficult things in life. I learnt this the hard way. Newspapers became my best friends during these turbulent times. During one of these troubled times, I came across this job ad with the Indian Express Newspaper.

“Earn Online. Work from Home. Earn Rs. 15,000 [ $400 per month ]and more. Call ….”

Sounded attractive. Let’s give it a try. Immediately dialled the number advertised and was given an appointment for the next day.

The job was simple. Everyday, the company would send me several mails, which I had to open and then close after some 5 seconds. For each mail, the company would pay me 3-4 cents (INR 2) each. “A cent and a cent and a cent someday will make a dollar”, I could visualise myself earning in dollars.

Didn’t know that the dream was so far fetched. Never did my account cross 3 dollars (I could only draw from my account when it accumulated hundred dollars). Was this the result of religiously opening mails for three months? I had already spent a fortune at cyber cafes with no monetary gains in sight.

Disappointment finally took a toll of the internet job. I started avoiding the cyber cafe. I also had started hating newspapers. Therefore, there was no occupation this time at all.

Out of the blue, fortune smiled at me. A recruiter asked if I would be willing to do content writing. Content writing? What’s that? I could only gather the ‘internet’ word from her description of the job. Three months of non-stop internet surfing had taught me much about Internet now. I readily agreed.

This way, I landed my first job, thanks entirely to the failed internet venture. Before taking up the internet job, I knew little of computers, leave aside the internet. Driven by the sense of attaining financial freedom and choosing a career, I had toiled hard at learning the intricacies of computers and internet. Now these efforts were reaping fruits. My career had finally found a direction.

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